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Our Story

DWIP Consultants Ltd is a Design and Project Management consultancy company offering a full range of consultancy services employing exacting standards in every phase of the project so ensuring the design process advances smoothly from the initial concept and design development through to completion.


Although we have a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from large to small scale, and from corporate to palaces, our specialization field is master planning, architecture, engineering, interior design and project management. Our designers hailing from diverse international backgrounds, offer seamless design solutions bespoke to all industries and befitting regional cultural expectations.


Through our headquarters in the United Kingdom and liaison offices in Dubai, Qatar and India, we give service to a wide geographical area from Korea to the Middle East, encompassing all Asia and Africas. Taking pride in our commercial sense in addition to our outstanding creative capabilities, we offer high class yet achievable optimum design solutions to all our clients. Our design philosophy is based on a very “CLIENT-CENTRIC” approach thus optimizing the design solutions that address all the aspects of client needs, ensuring the project’s commercial viability and ongoing profit opportunity, yet delivering a perfectly resolved and highly aesthetic end result.

About Us

We listen, we reflect, and we develop customised concepts according to the Client’s desires and even surpassing their expectations. We identify key points that will enhance the financial returns  of a hotel, resort, restaurant or Club. We assist with the development of design guidelines as a set formula thus enriching Brand Identity.


Intrinsic to our designs is appropriate relevance to geographic, cultural, budgetary and business model imperatives and  client-nominated criteria.


In time of excessive competition within the Hospitality and leisure market, in which all operators and developers seek answers to questions such as:


Why should someone choose to stay in my hotel or eat in my restaurant? Why is my outlet different? Who is going to be my guest? Why? Is he my ideal type of guest? What does my guest want?


We take pride in answering these questions with our results-oriented designs rather than mere words

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