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Born from the values of Radisson Blu’s design heritage with a nod toward the new Nordics philosophy of adapting older techniques, safeguarding natural flavours, concentrating on purity and freshness with the use of organic produce, the Larder restaurants are the base concepts for Blu’s all-day dining.

Refined nature is at the heart of the Larder with enlightening, unexpected, anticipation, honest and natural being the key themes.

Larder  at the Radisson Blu Ajman inspires from the extensive serene coastline of the Arabian Peninsula and the  bright and shinny skylight of the desert  both marrying to result in this luminous radiating venue.

Location : Radisson Blu, Ajman, UAE

Client     :  Holiday Group

Type       :  Restaurant

Cuisine  :   All Day Dining

Year       :   2015

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