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This retreat  is situated in several hectares of verdant parkland  on a hill station in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This unusual hotel property is located at the edge of thick forest adjacent to Yenna river and the spectacular Lingmala Falls.

Within the property, outdoor space is as intrinsic as the indoor.  Much of the “public” areas such as restaurants and guestroom lounges are located on open-air terraces.

Design Work Portfolio was engaged to create both the architectural and interior concepts as a single design entity as, with this project, the two cannot really be separated. Local natural materials such as stone and timber are predominant within the structure as well as within the interior spaces.

This “natural materials” concept and the concentration on environmentally friendly construction methodologies  have resulted in this development’s objective to be first Lead Platinum  Certified in India.

Location : Mahableshwar, India

Client     :  Surya Inns Ltd.

Type       :  Resort

Plot        :  93 acres

Year       :   2012

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