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This Copthorne Millennium is in the central part of Jeddah, a city thriving with art and culture.


Targeted at contemporary business travelers, the hotel has a modern, upbeat look to it

The design elements are aimed to create a feeling of energy and nature, keeping to the busy beat of city.

The atrium at the entrance creates a spacey welcome effect to the tired traveller energising with the colours borrowed from the beautiful Jeddah sandy seashore.


The contemporary chandelier hanging down the atrium itself is an artwork and also reflects the architecture of the building.

The piano lounge walls shimmer to the hidden lights in built into the stone cladding. The coffee lounge creates a soothing environment again taking its inspiration from the beautiful red sea.

The design intent of the interiors has mimicked the elements of the architecture of the building including the timber casing around light stone.

Location : Jeddah KSA

Client      : Al Bakri Group

Type        : 4 star hotel

Keys        : 

Year         : 2013

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