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Al Ahsa, the largest Date – Palm Oasis in the world, and a world heritage site is a major destination for cultural tourism in KSA.


In lieu of its ancient prominence, it also invites several dignitaries and Royals across the globe for administrative and business objectives round the year.


Hilton Al Ahsa has been conceived with the intention to provide a comfortable stay for this clientele type.

Designing successfully the magnanimous  lobby and lobby lounge  to incorporate a seamless transition between the Gathering, Salon, Tech lounge and Refreshments Zone, a jewel box concept chocolate bar and a traditional coffee lounge with seasonal Date display was a zealous task enjoyed by the design studio.

The Ladies club – Coco Lounge with its plum accents, neutral luxury velvets and metallic champagne glimmer is another concept well delivered reflecting delicacy and a finesse appreciated by all. 

Location : Al Ahsa KSA

Client      : Al Jazeera Group

Type        : 5 Star Hotel

Keys        : 169

Year         : 2016

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