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The Maidan Housing Development is located in area of Ruiru on the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya 40 minute from the capital city’s centre and 1 hour from the international airport.

The overall development size is 895 acres and is being planned as an autonomous  township  centering on quality lifestyle and security as design and marketing benchmarks.

The general layout of a central parkland with a lake and recreational facilities surrounded by multiple dwelling formats  bordered on the western aspect with commercial and institutional development, include a number of residential unit types combined with retail outlets allowing for a more higher density dwelling area near the centre of the development.

Multilevel business centres, a convention centre complimented by a hotel. a fully equipped general hospital , golf resort and community clubs, form the commercial and institutional developments.

Location : Nairobi, Kenya

Client     :  Grand Maidan Holdings

Type       :  Urban Planning

Plot         :  895 acres

Year        :  2014

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