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Horizon, being one of the most reputable legal consultancy offices in Dubai with very strong local roots have wanted to emphasize, their strong past stemming from Dubai, together with their contemporary and open approach to the new business style of today’s UAE.


The main reception of the office reflects this urban approach by the bright and light feeling it creates.


The beautiful Arabic words from the UAE culture on the other hand are used to create a layer of privacy protecting the waiting area from curious eyes.


The carpets of the meeting rooms named after main Dubai districts  are satellite images of Dubai depicting the roots again while the elevations in the meeting rooms celebrate the bright and modern face of the city.


The Chairman’s  office on the other hand creates a light and soothing corner giving a feeling of reassurance as expected from a law firm.

Location : Dubai, UAE

Client      : Horizon & Co

Area        : 1600 sqmt.

Year         : 2014

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