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Mubasher Finance holding the precious position on the top of its sector has strong and powerful roots yet aspires to always be the no 1 in future.


Keeping that in mind together with the need for future expansion, the headquarters in Dubai have been designed to reflect all the components of a timeless , trustworthy yet human oriented company.

Usage of strong flawless stone floors together with functional elements embedded into the feature walls coupled with double void spaces have been used to emphasize the office. All time elements like world clocks and stock market screens have been seamlessly integrated into the design.

The beautiful terrace that has an impressive view of Dubai and the financial center has been cleverly integrated to the interior spaces creating an unusual space for intimate meetings.

The whole office has been designed to be hospitable to outside visitors while still protecting the confidentiality that must be present in any finance center,

Location : Dubai, UAE

Client     :  Mubasher Holding

Area       :  2000 sqmt

Year        :  2018

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