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Sahara Star is a 5 star hotel located near the Mumbai international airport, The hotel is an iconic spherical building which has the the world’s largest pillar less clear-to-sky dome.


This dome which creates a beautiful inner courtyard with expansive full glazed windows, was a challenge  to live up to when refurbishing the rooms.


To create the right space to accommodate all the  requirements of a 5 star hotel while maintaining the open space created by such a spectacular architecture has resulted in  clutter less, clean cut, bright yet functional and comfortable rooms.

The design style chosen is contemporary,  using clean linear lines,  neutral back grounds both on the floor and the walls, accentuated by splashes of vivid, joyous colours depicting the warm Mumbai sun and the blue tropical lagoon right in the middle of the atrium.

Location : Mumbai, India

Client     :  Sahara Hospitality

Type       :  5 star hotel

Keys       :  125

Year        :  2012

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