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The Ministry

A destination lounge, an escape getaway, ‘The Ministry’ offers

a fantastical satire to the city rat race. Treading through a long tunnel entrance way, one is infused with anxious expectations for the magical realism which lays ahead. Oozing sensuality, this luxuriant venue is a canvass of  in vogue materials like exotic marbles, plush velvets, signature lounge furniture and a nostalgic trompe L’oile at the VIP  level.

The in situ challenge of a very low ceiling is stylishly overcome by mirror cladding and swirls of suspended hand blown crystal droplets dangling from the ceiling to give the illusion of double volume.

Design Work Portfolio’s scope on this project was concept and schematic design.

Location : Sahara Star, Mumbai, India

Client      : Surya Raturi

Type        : Bar Lounge

Year         : 2018

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