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This five star overtly luxurious beachfront hotel forms a key part of the Fairmont Palm development.


The hotel’s opulent 381 rooms and suites are magnificently complemented by outstanding gourmet restaurants, chic cafés, elegant banquet facilities and meeting rooms, a fully equipped world’s best standard spa and fitness facilities  as well as stunning landscaping, pools and waterfalls.

Our agreed inspiration for this business resort  was the Dubai Sunrise and Sunset over the Sea and Desert.

Each space design style was derived from specially commissioned photography taken at the beginning and ending of the Dubai day.

Public areas were based on the transition from Sea to Land. For instance, the stunning Lobby moves from the fresh yet tranquil aqua palettes to the enchanting floral hues as the guest moves through the space from the beach to the garden.

Location : Palm Jumeirah Dubai, UAE

Client     :  IFA

Type       :  5 star hotel

Keys       :  381

Year        :  2010

Awards   :  2014 Traveller’s Choice Awards

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