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Radisson Blu Unaizah Hotel and Residences is a part of  2 million square meters of master development spearheaded by the Al Fahd group in their home town of Unaizah.


One of the oldest cities of the Arabian peninsula, this hotel is symbolic of the rich heritage of the Qassim district, the history it has beheld and its modern day efforts to embrace progress and technology.


This is evident in the pivot farming used extensively in crop circles around the region. These crop circles inspire the retro look and feel of the interior design of this development.


Designed to befit the affluent Saudi families returning home for their annual family get to gathers, a royal colour palette, with signature furniture pieces ornamented with bronze metal  accents, integrated with Radisson’s state of the art technology programme make this property synonymous to the grandeur of the Qassimi district itself.

Location : Unaizah

Client     :  Al Fahd Hospitality

Type       :  5 star hotel

Keys       :  180

Year        :  2015

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