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A Global Finance Hub, GIFT, is a major project built on 500 acres of land  which aims to offer world-class infrastructure and facilities to global finance and tech  firms.

In order to attract the highest level of talent, GIFT has mandated  a very high level of finish so ensuring the highest Quality of Life within the  integrated township.

Design Work Portfolio has been the lead Interior Designer for the primary building which houses the Headquarters  for the Promoters,  IL&FS.

The inspiration for the interior of the project has been the monolithic stone carved windows of the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque  in Ahmedabad.

Design Work Portfolio was  contracted for Concept to Construction Drawings.

Location : Gujarat, India  

Client      : ANC Contracting India PVT LTD

Area        : 4700 sq mt.

Year         : 2012

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