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Design Work Portfolio have designed and delivered on site, the guest room package including 2 and 3 bedroom suites as a part of the refurbishment programme of this prestigious property,  taking into account the Client’s specific guidelines regarding the richness of lighting contrasts, heritage details, modern classics, cartography, art, functional form and discovery.


Inspiration for the overall design theme is Pearl Diving with effects such as iridescent colour palettes and lighting effects suggestive of  netting.


All 276 sea-facing rooms and suites feature state-of-the-art interior lighting controls enabling guests to set  a variety of ambient moods. Each room has been individually customised with care and consideration for the smallest architectural detail.

Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client     :  Dhabi Group

Type       :  5 star hotel

Keys       :  276

Year       :  2009

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