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This spiral structure was initially designed to be a Hilton Double Tree.

However as the building emerged half way, the astounding spiral mass along with the iconic location inspired the client to upgrade the development from a 4 star Double Tree to a 5 star Hilton.


With this brief Design Work Portfolio mobilised on the project, to deliver a FOH with a Hilton trade mark Lobby inclusive of a Gathering, a Salon, a Tech Lounge and a Refreshments Zone.


A 408 pax ballroom, a VIP lounge,  a bride’s suite and other public amenities were proposed in an ancillary structure inter connected with the main building.


F & B’s included Madinat Kitchen–195 pax (ADD), and Pepper Tree-95 pax (Speciality), Several meeting rooms, an extensive spa, a male fitness centre and an executive lounge in a glass globe  completed the space programme.


The wedge shaped guest room was the biggest challenge of this hotel as every GR was different due to the unique architecture and a typical design was imperative for ease of execution and budget control.

Location : Al Khobar, KSA

Client     :  Al Mousa Trading

Type       :  5 star hotel

Keys       :  259

Year       :   2016

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