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Initially conceived by Design Work Portfolio in 2012, this project was originally  envisaged to be a mixed use development inclusive of a 5 star hotel, a grand shopping mall and a corporate tower.

However, due to amendments to building control regulations in the region, this impassioned project  could not see the day of light and was temporarily shelved.

Design Work Portfolio remobilised on this project in 2018, the brief this time being the corporate HQ tower of Sumeet Infracon along with an extended retail wing resonating a shopping mall.

The project being spread over several parcels of independently registered land, it is a clever agglomeration of stand alone buildings, interlinked with semi covered platforms  and sky lit atriums.

DesignWorkPortfolio’s scope on this project is architecture, façade development and  interior design.

Location : Raipur, India

Client     :  Sumeet Infracon

Type       :  Corporate, Retail

BUA       :  74,300 sq mt.

Year       :   2018

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