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Milaha has its roots in shipping oil and natural gas although now it  has interests in many different fields.


Yet the design intent has been established with the full understanding of the marine related roots of Milaha together with the seafaring and pearl diving culture of Qatar.


Hence the grand entrance atrium has the original ship model, placed right under the magic sailing carpet with contemporary porthole look alike windows gazing down , replenished together with a spiral timber staircase.


The rippling waves of the sea are also reflected behind the main reception together with contemporary and bright look of the rest of the space.


All through out the 9,000 sq. meter office, these main design elements have been reflected in clever touches.


The executive zone aims to take this effect to transfer it to a subtle yet functional luxury that houses all the technological developments of today’s world.

Location : Qatar, Doha

Client      : MILAHA LLC

Area        : 9000 sqmt.

Year         : 2014

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