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 ’To provide a richer, bolder and more vibrant travel experience than what one’s used to’, Dream hotels share one’s taste for the unusual and unique fantasy escapism philosophy. The result? Public and private spaces that encourage emotional connections and new discoveries at every turn.

This project was one of the rare opportunities where the design team had a complete freehand at exploring their creativity for a hospitality project which is generally framed by brand guidelines and technical standards.

True to its name,  the client  brief was one word DREAM.


In essence an attempt was made to fit in this very eclectic concept within the conservative fabric of the Middle Eastern Region, respecting the local culture along side celebrating the true spirit of Urban Dubai.

Location : Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Client     :  Sheffield Holding LTD

Type       :  5 star hotel

Keys       :  320 GR + 420 APT

Year        :  2013

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