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This classically designed hotel property is sited on the Iranian island of Qeshm in the Straits of Hormuz north of the UAE and Oman.


Given that the market for this hotel is primarily the Iranian domestic market and the classical style of architecture is considered to be a sign of luxury, this hotel has a very specific design style that hearkens back to the French 18th century but with a contemporary edge to it.


39,000 sq mt in size, this property is a mix of 142 key 5 star hotel and 60 Luxury Apartments. The classical nature of the building is merely skin deep as the efficiencies gained by employing very current building technologies make this property one of the most economical in the country.


DesignWorkPortfolio’s scope is the architectural and interior design.

Location : Qeshm, Iran

Client     :  Royal Star International

Type       :  5 Star Hotel

Year        :  2014

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